Plastic Granulators

Easy Power Wet

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  • the ultimate in heavy construction with great cutting power
  • suitable for intensive applications and maximum yield
  • quality and reliability
  • high productivity
  • durability over time
  • extreme constructive strength
  • oversized mechanics
  • interchangeability of the components most subject to wear
  • made with materials of primary quality and 100% made in Italy
  • high security standards
  • custom made configuration
  • extreme ease of maintenance to considerably reduce plant downtime

Easy Power Wet

Plastic Granulators
Easy Power Wet

The EASY POWER WET granulators provide efficient and reliable grinding with the use of water from contaminated plastic materials and post-consumption waste such as: tough films, PET and HDPE bottles, raffia, light films, etc… with maximum and optimal productivity and performance 24/7. With this type of granulator, the material is washed while it’s being ground, a great advantage that allows the removal of large amounts of impurities by combining accurate grinding and pre-washing in a single step. These granulators are heavy built; their major feature is the rotor, made from a single block of solid steel without any welding, as proof of extreme solidity, strength and resistance. Most parts can be replaced, such as the rotor blade holders, blade locking wedges and wear-resistant steel protection plates of the cutting chamber, which ensures maximum machine efficiency and duration over time. The full opening of the feed hopper andthe conformation of the cutting chamber allow for easy access to the heart of the machine for inspection and maintenance purposes.


available industry package 4.0

bruno folcieri is actively involved in the 4.0 industry, with systems that make the machines “intelligent communicating entities”, even when working remotely. integrated with the it and itc worlds, the remote assistance service allows changes to be made to the configuration of the control system, through a company tpc/ip network connection and an internet connection.


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E200909W E2000X920X930 WET 5600 3400 3500 2000x920 5÷6 2 930 305 160÷315 1410 290 32
E200509W E2000X500X930 WET 5600 3400 3500 2000x500 5÷6 2 930 305 160÷315 1410 290 30
E150909W E1500X920X930 WET 5600 2900 3500 1500x920 5÷6 2 930 305 132÷250 1410 290 25
E150509W E1500X500X930 WET 5600 2900 3500 1500x500 5÷6 2 930 305 132÷250 1410 290 20
E150508W E1500X500X830 WET 5600 2900 3500 1500x500 5÷6 2 830 305 132÷250 1410 290 18
E120508W e1200X500X830 WET 5600 2600 3300 1200x500 5÷6 2 830 388 132÷200 1110 290 15


extremely easy maintenance
  • cutting chamber opens completely for quick and safe access to rotor and counter-blades
  • feeding hopper, cutting chamber inspection compartment and screen holder open and close hydraulically and automatically
  • hoist for screen removal
  • open hopper safety arm
  • rotor anti-rotation safety brake
  • blades pre-adjustment by special jig
wear resistance
  • considerably heavy
  • cutting chamber entirely coated with replaceable wear-resistant steel plates
  • most components subject to wear are replaceable
  • external bearing supports provided with labyrinth seal
high yields
  • screen featuring upper exhaust area
  • 1,400 mm diam. pulley (2.8 tonnes) with higher cutting torque for greater cutting strength stabilising rotation speed

stainless steel feed hopper

realizzata interamente in acciaio inox

Conveyor belt

drainage screw

made entirely of stainless steel

metal detector

cabina insonorizzazione
since 1946